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B-Boy Randomizer Biography

As the longest patriotic member of breakdancing community B-Boy Randomizer managed to impress multiple individuals in clubs and parties for over a decade.  His ability to teach others complex moves is extraordinary.  B-Boy Randomizer is the oldest member of breakweapons crew, but the wisest.  His specialization include power moves such as flares, windmills, 1990s, headspins.  He is mostly famous for his fast 1990s and multiple flares.  If you lucky you get to see him do 20 flares when he is in the good mood.  B-Boy Randomizer has speed and power, but lacks in style.  His efforts in gaining style over power are rather non-successful. however his on-point power moves bring a great addition to the breakweapons crew.  B-Boy Randomizer can also do wall flips, front flips and occasional backflips with the spot-on.


B-Boy Randomizer has started breakdancing at the year of 1999, when 1990s were extremely famous and when the world was beginning to finally recognize breakdancing as a major sport.   With his consistent practicing schedule he has managed to achieve what no others in Stamford managed to achieve is to stay consistent with his practice for the long period of years.  As the respectful member of the Stamford community, Randomizer's hobbies include helping students to succeed in math and breakdancing.  His unique abilities in providing both intellectual and breakdancing services can without a doubt challenge and inspire anyone's need to become successful in life while at the same time finding a balance in breakdancing.

B-Boy Randomizer is also a certified math teacher for the state of Connecticut, who provides combination of tutoring and breakdancing services.  The latest ventures of B-Boy Randomizer include breakdancing in Hula Hanks, Grand, 84 Park, Bungalo, Mojitos and Paradise Bar and Grill. As additional hobby B-Boy Randomizer does gymnastics in the city of Fairfield where he is practicing his flips and gaining better flexibility for his breakdancing moves.

B-Boy Randomizer works with breakweapons crew to organize events and parties, which include the whole crew breakdancing for BarMitsva or wedding parties.  B-Boy Randomizer has connections with famous Stamford Djs and can accommodate the best birthday breakdancing party. If you wish for our crew to come down to your party and breakdance contact B-Boy Pulse the breakweapons crew leader.  (203)548-1277