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BreakDance Lessons in Norwalk CT


Interested in learning how to breakdance in Norwalk CT and learn the power moves, footwork and up-rock helping you to stay in shape gain better self esteem and best of all be able to impress your friends? Why not let us help? BreakWeaponsCrew offers breakdancing lessons in Norwalk CT and nearby cities including, but not limited to Stamford CT, Darien CT, Greenwich CT, Westport CT, Fairfield CT, Bridgeport CT. We are a team of professional breakdancers who work as a team and can meet directly in your home and provide breakdance training lessons in Norwalk CT. If you do not have adequate space where breakdance lessons can be provided, then no worries you can come down directly to our Breakdance Studio in Stamford CT, not too far away only 15 mins ride from Norwalk on i-95.

We can teach lessons either in community center or in downtown Stamford Studio, contact us to schedule a lesson. Class lessons range from 1 to 20 students, and are being taught by 1 Certified Math Teacher for the State of CT who also happens to have lots of experience in breakdancing and teaching breakdancing. Additionally class is being taught by other instructors who are other BreakWeaponsCrew team members and former students. For pricing contact this number (203)340-0391, we offer BreakDance Training Discount packages, where the more hours of the breakdancing training sessions you buy the more you save. You can also view our website BreakWeaponsCrew.com for any additional details

General BreakDance Class Requirements for Students from Norwalk CT

What requirements do students need to satisfy prior to learning how to breakdance with BrewakWeaponsCrew? Every student must bring proper attire to ensure that their body and knees and elbows and head is protected during each breakdancing session. At minimum students must be able to at least do 10 to 20 push ups prior to being able to start learning how to breakdance, this is to ensure that the student is strong enough to tackle advanced power moves which student will be taught ranging from flares, windmills, 1990s, 2000s and for instructors to successfully determine what student is capable of doing prior to assigning drill exercise. Student parents must sign disclosure form when bringing their children to the class to ensure that if child gets hurt doing a particular move, that the BreakWeaponsCrew is not going to be responsible for any injuries ensuring that BreakWeaponsCrew is not liable. Students will be taught how to breakdance starting from basic moves then to advanced moves.

Who can we teach how to Breakdance?

Age and Grade Level: k-12, College and Adults.

If my son starts breakdancing in class will there be any level of teaching differentiation?

Dependent on physical skill level, students will be taught how to breakdance individually with differentiated level of instructions for each student. BreakWeaponsCrew is partnered with Tutoring Services, LLC to offer exceptional breakdance lessons in Norwalk CT and can help your son or daughter learn how to breakdance.

Other BreakDance Services which we offer in Norwalk CT include the following.

  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays Sweet 16
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Clubs & Lounges & Restaurants
  • Schools
Does your son or daughter wants to learn how to breakdance and impress friends? Or perhaps you are interested in our entire crew showing up at your corporate event, wedding, your daughter’s sweet 16 birthday or son’s Bar Mitzvah and want to surprise him with fully blown break dance performance? Then don’t hesitate to contact us for pricing. We can coordinate the set of events between DJs, Party Organizers and Club Promoters to ensure that our crew gets there on time and performs at your party.