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B-Boy Pulse Biography


As of the year of 2000 the journey of breakdancing for B-Boy Pulse has begun.  Upon completing his studies in University of Connecticiut, he has realized that there is better things out there then just studying.  The true weapon of B-Boy pulse is commitment and ability to stay focus.  10 years later B-Boy Plulse has become a respectful member of Stamford community and the leader of breakweapons crew.  Without B-Boy Pulse you can just say there is no crew.  Based on the number of set skills B-Boy Pulse has acquired over the years, you can just say there is no competition for his spirit and knowledge when it comes to break dancing in clubs.  B-Boy Pulse strives in helping others to learn technique needed in becoming not just a breakdancer, but an athlete something everyone may be lacking now days without proper training.

B-Boy Pulse recent ventures included Bbreakdancing in Bungalo night club with the famous HIP-HOP stars, El-Kalderon and Don J.  With the strong commitment to community b-boy pulse can pull the strings when needed to coordinate a hip hop show in the middle of the pit at the mall or to create a pleasant atmosphere for the observers at the beach.  The outstanding characteristics of B-Boy Pulse not just inspire his own satisfaction towards becoming better athlete and a breakdancer, but in addition that influences others who are in need of learning complex moves.  B-Boy pulse can get the students to become confident in themselves and increase their self-esteem.  If you are shy and not able to communicate with other people due to your insecurity or inability to function properly, it may very well be that your social skills are not up to the level where they should be.  With B-Boy Pulse's help you can get in better shape, feel more confident about your self, become better athelete and have better self-esteem.

In addition to breakdancing and teaching others, b-boy Pulse goes to Norwalk Community college where he studies English to become a bi-lingual teacher.  B-Boy Pulse also has a military background and is currently in National Army reserves attending shooting ranges and training seminars at least once every month.  His leadership abilities, skills and heroic characteristics for being in the Army will without a doubt make a positive contribution for anyone who is willing to undergo rigorous breakdancing training or athletic training to feel better and finally become the person who they would refer to as the "Cool Guy".  If you want to be that "Cool Guy", then don't wait, contact B-Boy Pulse today to get the personal athletic training and breakdancing sessions that you need to become confident.

Currently B-Boy Pulse has the following breakdancing Moves:

  • Turtles
  • L-Kick
  • Flare
  • Backspin
  • 1990
  • Backflip
  • FrontFlip
  • SideFlip
  • Scissors
  • 6-Step
  • Footwork
  • Style