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Break Weapons Crew about us


We are the best bboy crew in Stamford, CT. Our members are composed of Bboy Pulse (Harold Barrero), Bboy Randomizer (Roman Chertes), Bboy Rambo (Lamar Catchings),Bboy Prodigy (Luis Velez),Bboy Junior (Melecio Orellana) and Bboy Swag(Angel Irizarry). We have been together as a crew for about 1 year and 6 months. We have done shows at Bungalows night club in downtown stamford, the Stamford Town Center and the Yerwood Center. You can find us at competitions in NY and Connecticut. I will keep you posted on upcoming shows or workshops that we have.

We provide personal training sessions for anyone who is trying to learn how to breakdance.  We charge a small amount fee for our services of 50 dollars per session.  The sessions that we provide are well informative and can teach anyone from beginner level to intermediate and advanced level.  As the suplemental training we can refer you to our gymnastic experts who can help you get in shape if you are not confident to do complex moves, at which case we would work with you as well to get you up to speed.  With the skills that you learn from our crew you can pretty much go to any club and feel like the coolest person in the whole club because you would be able to do something that others can't.

When you can breakdance you might as well say that you have wings.  The wings that others don't have.  If you want to spin on your head, get moves that you only saw on TV and wishing to get up to speed, then we are the crew for you.  We can help you.  Let us create a personalized schedule for you where each and everyone of our break dancing experts can work with you.  Remember break dancing doesn't just make you cool it also makes u muscular, For example if you learn how to do flares, it will pretty much gurantee you top of the line abs.  So why not be cool and learn some move that you only see on tv and at the same time gain great abs.  If you are a girl and wants to B-dance as well then don't hesitate to contact us, we can help you.

Our breakdancing experts include B-Boy Pulse, B-Boy Randomizer, B-Boy Rambo and B-Boy Prodigy.  They can do all sorts of breakdancing shows and can come to barmitsva parties, wedding parties or any other social events where such breakdancing entertainment is needed.  It's not a party unless there is cool people at the party, let us be your cool people.  Let us be there for your 15th birthday or your Bartmitsva, in addition to that our Djs can supplement your party with the top of the line hip hop music and provide the experience of musical sensation that you never felt before.

Let us be your wing people to get the party started.  We are the breakweapons crew! Our moves include but not limited to the following, Ariels, Backflips, SideFlips, Flat spins, air-flares, 1990s, windmills, flares, turtles, handglides, scissors, swipes, 2000s, foot work, style, L-Kick, Valdez, back handspring, forward hand spring, broncos, top-rock, up-rock, kick ups.

As the combination of professional experts we are the ones who can get your party started.  Call us directly (203)340-0391 and ask for B-Boy Pulse, the leader of Break Weapons Crew or email Bboy Pulse at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  If you wish to request a battle or want to see a battle, you can also contact B-Boy Pulse for the latest event schedule. To request a party for your Barmitsva, Wedding Event, or graduation contact B-Boy Pulse.

Check out our last battle that we had in New York City!


Also check out our latest video on 5/9/10 having some fun at the beach in Stamford, CT...